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The original idea from which the present airport was developed was born in a February 15, 1944 meeting of the Saint Marys Kiwanis directors.


After obtaining required authorizations from the Civil Aeronautical Association (predecessor of the Federal Aviation Administration), the Pennsylvania Aeronautic Commission and sponsorship from the Saint Marys Boroughs Council, a fundraising drive was launched.


The fundraising drive raised $23, 990 from local businesses, social clubs, small business and the general public. Part of those funds was used to purchase the land on which the airport is now situated. Estimated cost of the airport construction project was $50,000. Of this amount, the federal share was $25, 000, the state share was $12,500 and local share was $12,500.


Final construction plans for the airport were approved in May 1948 and construction began in 1949.

The Saint Marys Airport with an 1800 ft , 300 ft North/South grass strip was formally opened on June 30, 1950.


Replacement of the grass strip with the current East/West runway was started in July 1954.

Since its original construction, the Saint Marys Municipal Airport has undergone many upgrades and improvements that made it an important economic venue for the City of Saint Marys.


The Saint Marys Municipal Airport is one of approximately 180 airports in Pennsylvania.  It offers access to local and regional businesses and the population of the Saint Marys area.



The Airport has a  4300 ft x 75 ft runway that services single and twin engine piston airplanes, corp-orate jet airplanes, light sport aircraft and helicopters.


The runway is oriented East to West-based on prevailing winds for the area.


It is equipped with 3 instrument approach systems that help guide aircraft into the runway during low visibility and low cloud ceilings.


Caruso Aircraft Service maintenance and repair facility is located at the airport. Services at this facility include airplane inspections, engine rebuild and repair, structural repair and rebuilding of airplanes.

A fuel station at the ramp area provides fuel for all types of aircraft.


Two pilot training operations and 3 flight instructors operate out of the Saint Marys Municipal Airport.


An area of the airport land was converted into a soccer field to be used by the St. Marys Soccer Association. The St. Marys Soccer Association has been supporting the airport through periodic donations that are used for different operational expenses.


The airport has been a venue for many community events, most notably, Airport Awarenenss Days, drag races, snowmobile racing, guided school tours and scout group events.


A 2 story terminal building was completed in 2006. The first level contains the airport manager/personnel offices, the pilots' lounge with shower facilities and sleeping quarters for transient pilots held up by the weather.


The second level of the terminal building is designed for the intended use as a restaurant or other business offices.


Twelve hangars at the airport house 16 aircraft used for personal business, recreational activities, medical/charity flights and flight instruction.


Hangar rental is one of the sources of income for the airport.



There are approximately 400 annual operations at the airport that provide the airport with a source of income,these operations are

Commercial flights

Instructional flights

Sightseeing flights

Medical/charity flights

Personal business and recreational flights


Commercial operations consist of corporate flights, power line inspections, aerial surveys, tree clearing operations, log buyers and elk herd monitoring. St. Marys Municipal Airport also receives frequent corporate flights by automotive and non-automotive customers or suppliers of companies in the Elk County area.


Freight shipments alos make up a major portion of the airport commercial operations.


Instructional flights have helped many aspiring airline pilots and air traffic controllers with ther initial training. Flight instructors at the St. Mayrs Municipal Airport are qualified to give training at all levels of pilot licenses.


The Airport is used by Stat-Med Evac and other life-saving emergency flights for refueling.  It is also used for navigation to and from the area hospital with the help of the instrument approach systems and the AWOS (aurtomated weather observation system) available at the airport. 


Charity flights have been flown by volunteer piolts transporting ambulatory patients in need and/or their families to and from treatment centers. Two volunteer organizations to which St. Marys pilots belong are Lifeline Pilots and Volunteer Pilots of Pennsylvania.


Many pilots use their aircraft for conducting personal business such as visiting with custormers or suppliers.


Recreational flights extend beyond the aircraft owners and pilots to members of the community.

These include free sight-seeing flights and flights given to different area residents and scout groups.




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Saturday Aug 27Th 2016

4,300' Paved Runway - 1,935' Elevation - Runways 10/28 - Unicom 122.70 - AWOS 118.50
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